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The Road to the Rio 2016 Olympics Passes Through Edmonton

As Canadians we take pride in our country and its great promise. The nation we’ve built allows our citizens to express their hopes, beliefs and views in a safe and encouraging environment. Canadians are free to pursue their dreams. To strive. To aspire. To excel. To build better lives for themselves, their families and their fellow men and women.

Canadians also take pride in our country’s international reputation of tolerance, peace and stability. People from around the world have looked to Canada as a place that celebrates diversity, encourages multiculturalism and values mutual respect.

Every year, Canadians welcome new global partners, new visitors and new citizens and their families. We invite them to share in our success and to join us in working towards a bright future.

Canada Welcomes the Americas

In this spirit, we invite you to celebrate the Opening Ceremonies of the Panamerican Junior Athletics Championships in Edmonton on July 31, 2015

On that day, we’ll celebrate the story that is Canada, warmly greeting hundreds of international athletes,  officials, dignitaries, visitors and families. We’ll celebrate the Panamerican Athletic Commission (PAC)  Movement. We’ll celebrate athletic achievement. And we’ll celebrate cultural diversity and the transcendent power of sport.

This invitation will have been more than three years in the making, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring the Panamerican Junior Athletics Championships to Western North America for first time ever.